The Guild for Expanding

Capital Ownership

About Us

Transforming lives through customer service, workplace discipleship & employee ownership.

Our guild is comprised of entreprenuers in a variety of industries but for whom their Christian faith dominates how they conduct business to the extent that it can be considered their “shared trade”.

  • How we serve our clientele matters for the advancement of the Kingdom.
  • The workplace environment must be designed to maximize the thriving of our team members and their personal development, both financially and spiritually.
  •  Expanding access to income producing capital is a matter of human dignity and can be designed as a win-win for both the founder and the laborers.
Membership Benefits

Join a community that provides clarity, wisdom, and inspiration.


Access to hundreds of business document templates and systems. At cost access to wholesale rates for a suite of admin, marketing, training and organizational software, programs, and tools.


Enjoy at cost access to our team of Virtual Assistants (graphic design, bookkeeping, automation, and marketing) & direct, hands-on business coaching.

Build your team

Attracting talent is the single biggest challenge small businesses face today. Our Members can participate in our Apprentice-Partner Program, which provides a pipeline of gifted team members. Some industries are even eligible for our staffing services, so payroll, employment taxes and insurances are handled for you.

Own a small business? Consider becoming a GECO Member.


in a truly satisfying
career path?

Our member businesses are hiring in Iowa and Arizona. You can be part of team that rewards your work with profit sharing and equity.